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Our political discourse is polluted with fact-free opinions. ILReference.com presents the facts that inform opinions and elevate the debate.

Our mission at ILReference.com is to provide Illinois taxpayers with ready access to data that details how their money is spent and who is spending it.

We believe it is important to present the cold, hard reality of the numbers in order to foster an honest, productive discussion centered on addressing the fiscal problems that plague Illinois.

We want you, the Illinois taxpayer, to understand the size, scope and expense of state and local government in order that you may decide for yourself if the power relationship between the government and the citizen is properly calibrated or out-of-whack in Illinois.

We believe you, the Illinois taxpayer, have a right to see: the salaries and pension benefits of public sector employees'; the political contributions that are made to the officials elected to serve your interests; and, the details on those who benefit from government in its current form and operation.

We want you, the Illinois taxpayer, to know how government in Illinois works so that you understand when it stops working for you and why that is.

We need you, the Illinois taxpayer, to engage. If you have an opinion informed by the data presented, please let us hear it. Present your views. Send us your story ideas. Tell us what other data we should be compiling and presenting for consideration. Email us anytime at ilreference@gmail.com

Thank you for reading, thinking, and discussing.

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  • Address Suppressed Per Comptrollers Act (18939)
  • Springfield (9259)
  • Chicago (6827)
  • Chatham (921)
  • Kankakee (870)
  • Jacksonville (778)
  • Quincy (541)
  • Rockford (471)
  • Rochester (460)
  • Elgin (460)
  • Centralia (409)
  • Sherman (399)
  • Aurora (373)
  • Petersburg (367)
  • Decatur (355)
  • Dixon (353)
  • Taylorville (341)
  • Riverton (335)
  • Bourbonnais (324)
  • Peoria (320)
  • Waukegan (309)
  • Lincoln (293)
  • Joliet (286)
  • Park Forest (259)
  • Athens (252)